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Latif Rugs outdoor Totem sign - Rugs direct to the public at wholesale prices - Modern rugs, Shaggy, Sheepskin, Persian, Needlepoint and many others. Buy Rugs Online. We really did not anticipate how successful this website would be. When customers visit our premises, they can see instantly why our prices are so low. This is, however, not immediately obvious from a website. So we have compiled a list of the most common questions asked of us, and our answer to them:

Where is Latif Rugs located?

We are located right next door to one of the world\'s most famous stadiums, our premises in Wembley have a wonderful selection. Wembley has a great history, for both sports events and for the oriental rug industry. We are directly opposite the stadium, and we are reasonably easy to find if you follow the signs to Wembley Stadium. Please see our directions and map page. Please click here to view our Directions and Map page

Why are your prices so low?

We are manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. We supply rugs direct to the public at wholesale prices this is why we are consistently half or less than half the price of other retailers both physical and on the internet. Our prices to you, are the same as our prices to our wholesale customers. We back up our rugs with a full satisfaction guarantee: We will refund the cost of any rug, if you are not happy with it for any reason whatsoever within 7 days of it being delivered to you. All we ask is that you deliver the rug, and that it is kept in as new condition. Please click the "Information" link above for full details

What kind of savings are possible?

We had a customer who had purchased a 600 x 400 cm Ziegler hand made rug (oversize rug) from a rug store nearby, who were apparently in liquidation, so he thought he had bagged a bargain. He popped into our warehouse just to have a look. To say he was extremely upset is an understatement. He went back to return the rug, but they would not accept returns, as they were in liquidation. He came back asking for our assistance and advice. Of course there was nothing we could do, since his receipt clearly stated that the sale is final and non-returnable How much did he pay for his rug? £12,000. How much was our Ziegler 600 x 400 cm rug (of superior quality we should add, since ours was made of pure handspun Ghazni wool, not just parts)? £4,800. That is a huge price difference!

Compared to retail and department stores, your prices are half price? Does the quality suffer?

No of course not. If anything, our quality is often much, much better than many of the retail outlets you will find. We supply many retail stores ourselves, in the UK, USA, Portugal, Brazil, Ireland, Australia, Spain and Japan among many others. If you buy from us, you are paying the same price as the retail outlets pay when they buy from us. The retail stores must make a profit and pay for their overheads, so now you can see why they need to charge you twice the price. We have a full satisfaction guarantee, and we always advise our customers to compare the quality of our rugs to several stores. They are always completely satisfied with our quality, and amazed at the price difference.

There is an item I would like from your site, but when I click through, it shows nothing other than just a description of the item. Why is that?

Items that are out of stock, are not displayed on the site for sale.
To view all our Products and Categories please click the following link: VIEW ALL PRODUCTS LIST

You may also come across the situation detailed below.

There is an item I would like from your site, and after clicking buy now, once I get to the checkout, I am told I cannot proceed because the item is out of stock?

This is a rare situation that occurs when someone else has just bought the last of our stock of the item you wish to buy. They could have purchased it up to a day earlier.

I want a rug that is out of stock. What do I do?

We have regular shipments and the item you require may be available again very soon. Please contact us if there are any items you are interested in but unable to buy (this website will not accept orders for items that are not physically in stock). We can give you an anticipated delivery date and contact you once the rug has arrived.

We want to visit Latif Rugs, can you help with directions?

Of course we can. You can visit our directions page, where there are directions from the most popular routes together with a map of our area. But you are also welcome to call us and ask for the most appropriate route for you.

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