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There are essentially two knotting techniques used in handmade rugs. The definitions symmetrical (Turkish) or asymmetrical (Persian) are preferable to the geographic names because they avoid confusion and imprecision.

In effect the Turkish, or Ghiordes, knot has been used for centuries not only by Anatolian people, but also in numerous important Persian workshops. In turn, the Persian, or Senneh,or Farsibaft knot is also used in China and Indian and ironically is not typical of Senneh where the Turkish knot has traditionally been used to make carpets of great value.

Another substantial difference between the two types of knot is that the asymmetrical makes the carpets less solid and robust. Although in the most general terms the places of provenance of all the most refined products, including Persian ones, have used and continue to use the asymmetrical knot, this does not rule out the use of both kinds of knot, first one and then the other in any given workshop at almost any period.

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Persian Knot
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