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Pile wool . Kurk cotton. Short clipped Designs multidesign
Warp/Weft cotton weft. Colours multicolor
Knots Persian knots. 500 t0 800 knots Tribal master-workshop

The ancient city of Esfahan (Isfahan) in Central Persia produces what are arguably the most consistently fine wool-pile rugs made anywhere in the world today. Their quality may be matched by individual items from the other major Persian workshop groups, but Isfahan produces far fewer poor quality rugs.

Esfahan rugs are knotted on either silk or cotton foundations, with upto 400 Persian knots per in2, using exceptionally good quality (often Kurk) wool for the pile, which is normally clipped quite low. In contemporary items the palette is normally more pastel, and technical perfection is generally of greater importance than artistic flair. Contemporary Esfahans are however extremely attractive, and the subduing of the palette, particularly the elimination of strong reds, makes them more compatible with Western decorative schemes.

A range of tradotional designs are still used including allover Shah Abbas, vase, Tree of Life and pictoral schemes but by far the most popular composition is based on a circular central medallion (derived from the famous mosque of Shah Lutf Allah in Esfahan) set against an elegantly sculpted field deocrated with intricately purling vine palmette and floral motifs. There are some famous names in Isfahan including Serafian, although both Hekmatnejad and Haghighi have produced a number of items worthy of the master himself. Other master weavers of note are Emami and Shahpour Enteshari.

Library picture of Contemporary Esfahan rug Library picture of Esfahan rug

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