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Pile wool, short clipped Designs Floral, allover and Ziegler influenced by Persian Mahal, Farahan and Sultanabad.
Warp/Weft weft cotton, warp wool/cotton Colours Mustard, Ivory, Sand, Gold, Camel and pastel combinations
Knots Persian, 350 to 500 knots Tribal Village

This is included in the Afghan rugs section for ease of reference. These are Afghan rugs produced mainly in the border city of Peshawar in Pakistan by mainly Afghan weavers. These are basically Chobi rugs bearing the design characteristics of a Ziegler rug. Ziegler rugs in themselves are heavily influenced by Persian Mahal, Meshkabad and Farahan designs. They are produced in both in Ghazni or normal wool. Ghazni wool has better durability and shine.

As most Chobi rugs are Ziegler designs, most people will infer reference to Afghan Chobi Zieglers when talking about Ziegler rugs, although Ziegler rugs can be made almost anywhere, since Ziegler refers to the design and company who created that design rather than any particular type or location of production of a rug. Most recently the only Chobi rugs deviating from the Ziegler design are Chobi Gabbeh rugs.

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Library picture of a typical chobi ziegler rug Library picture of a typical chobi ziegler rug

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