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Gabbeh rugs were originally a Persian concept. A very simple design, often featuring small animals or other figurines, with a plain background, or border. Hand knotted with 100% pure wool pile, warp and weft, these featured a coarse knotting, a thick pile and were a very heavy construction. This design was later copied, most faithfully by Indian weavers, but they are also available as tufted rugs (see Hira range), from both India (almost exclusively wool) and China (most often acrylic).

Hand knotted Gabbeh rugs are unique, and as such are not really suitable for distance selling, however we try to make available a small selection to buy online. The tufted Gabbeh rugs however are very large production items consistent in their designs and available to buy online.

Chobi (or Choobi) gabbeh rugs are Afghan rugs, again utilising the original Gabbeh theme, one of simplicity, created using the same wool as Ziegler rugs, also Afghan. The wool is basically the left over wool from the production of Ziegler rugs, knotted into the Chobi gabbeh in lines in an inconsistent fashion, sometimes with a border. The wool is exactly as per the Ziegler rugs, hence having the same shine, and ultra reflective properties. The rugs exhibit different shades of colours from either end.

To buy Ziegler rugs online, click here.

Chobi Gabbeh

Hira Gabbeh Range
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